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Tanzania: Mahindra to Open Tractor Factory in Zanzibar

Posted on : Thursday , 8th October 2015

 Mahindra company from India is planning to open a tractor assembling plant here, Zanzibar President, Dr Ali Mohamed Shein, revealed here yesterday. Dr Shein said negotiations with the Indian company were currently going on. He also disclosed that his government would also purchase 100 tractors from the company to improve agriculture in the Isles.

"Mahindra is one of the biggest companies globally and its expected branch in Zanzibar would supply tractors in the east African region," said Dr Shein. He said during his campaign trail in Pemba that he is committed to develop agriculture currently contributing only 31 per cent to the GDP and that the provision of modern equipment with subsidised price to farmers will continue so that production increases.
"Support to farmers has helped to increase rice production from 21,000 tons in 2010 to 33,000 tons in 2013. This has been good," he said. Seeking to retain the position, Dr Shein noted that his government had implemented many development programmes including improving water availability, infrastructure, education and health services. He pledged that health services will be free to all, in its real meaning just within two-year of his second term in office, if elected. He said tourism has been booming following the improvement of infrastructure and promised to connect Fundo Islet in North Pemba to the National grid in efforts to make sure that all villages in Zanzibar have electricity.
Ambassador Seif Ali Iddi (Members of the CCM Executive committee), Mr Shamsi Vuai Nahodha (ex-Chief Minister), Speaker Mr Pandu Ameir, Ms Zainab Omar Mohamed (minister for empowerment), Mr Ramadhan Abdalla Shaaban (Minister for Energy) and Vuai Ali Vuai (deputy CCM Secretary General), all drummed up support for Dr Shein.
"We are campaigning hard so that Dr Shein is re-elected and definitely he will win the October 25 election because majority people are happy with his performance," Ms Zainab said as Ms Madeline Castico (member of CCM-NEC) said it would be a big mistake for Zanzibaris if they do not votes for Dr Shein who has all the qualities of a good leader.

Source : allafrica.com
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