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Ambitious Kigamboni project now underway in Dar-es-Salaam

Posted on : Thursday , 28th September 2017

An Automotive Dealer based in Dar-es-Salaam has agreed to move all their showrooms from different parts of the city to a new common ground, Kigamboni. Kigamboni is expected to be the new hub of Automobile showrooms in the city. This was all done on the request of regional commissioner Mr. Paul Makonda. However, the local car dealers remain anxious about the completion pf this new undertaking by the city and have asked for a more speedy operation, in hopes to complete the move soon.
This decision was made official after a meeting between the Tanzania Private sector Organization (TPSF), the Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) and the commissioner himself Mr. Paul Makonda. 
 “We have agreed to relocate but we request the government to honor its promise to put up needed infrastructure in order to attract many traders and customers to access the area without obstacles,” said TPSF Executive Director Godfrey Simbeye.
Simbeye elaborated by revealing a meeting held with Mr. Makonda to discuss the benefits of the relocation to Kigamboni . He further stressed by saying that Kigamboni will now act as a one stop shop for car purchasers in central and eastern Africa and will open several new avenues to profit from. 
Raymond Mbilinyi, the TNBC Executive Secretary also gave his approval for the project also citing the reduced congestion it will cause within the Dar-es-Salaam.
 “We will make plans to ensure that we relocate within the scheduled time.” said Mbilinyi. Makonda also revealed that around 100 showrooms were willing to move their operations to Kigamboni and that the move is expected to be completed by January of the next year.
Themove is also designed to simplify the collection of revenue for the Tanzania Revenue Authority according to Makonda.
Added benefits such as a reduction in auto thefts and fewer traffic worries within the main city add gloss to an already positive project as traffic accidents alone accounted for a loss of Sh. 400 million annually.
 “The goal is to see Dar-es-Salaam become the largest automobile shopping venue in Africa,” said Makonda, further assuring the dealers that all the necessary infrastructure, including security, filling stations, electricity and spare parts shops would be put up in the place to facilitate business.
Makonda also said that all showroom areas will be provided at no cost for the initial 3 years, after which the dealers would have to pay rental fees, the dealers would also be required to pay for fencing and other minor costs.

Source : Business News Africa
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